Permit to Burn
Putnam Township, Michigan
Permit to Burn

(This permit may be revoked)

Under the provision of Putnam Township Burning Ordinance No. #25 as amended, permission is hereby granted this applicant to burn the described property during the period specified below.

 Applicant Name    Email address Date Issued
 Address of Burning    Nearest Crossroad
 No. of Days
 (max 3 days )
 Dates  Year  Phone Number

 What is to be burned/description

No fire shall be set after the expiration date of this permit, and no fire shall be set at a time when a high wind is blowing. An adequate fire line shall be made around the area to be burned and a force of people, sufficient to control the fire, shall be on hand at the time of burning. Permittee shall be liable for all damage to property which may result from burning done under this permit.

I have read the above restrictions, Burning Ordinance #25 and agree that by not cooperating, I may be required to pay for Fire Dept Services.
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