Clerk's Office Hours

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
9-Noon & 1-5

Sally Guyon - Clerk

3280 West M-36
Pinckney, MI
ph: 734-878-3131
fax: 734-878-2545

Sally Guyon - Clerk
Valerie Niemiec- Deputy Clerk

Putnam Township Clerk


Although currently a part-time position, in addition to being an elected official of the Township and member of a 7 - member board, the clerk’s duties are numerous including adminstrative responsibilities and interfacing with the public in the daily function of the Township Hall.

The statutory duties include, but are not limited to: maintaining custody of all township records; keeps township book of oaths of office; responsible for all meeting notices; maintains, records and publishes township meeting minutes; maintains voter registration file and responsible for all aspects of all elections; maintains township ordinance book and delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk September 30. In addition to statutory duties, the Putnam Township clerk is responsible for payroll and human resources.

If you are interested in working elections please fill out the Election Inspector Application and return it to the Clerk's office. If you are appointed, you are required to take a 2 1/2 hour certification class every two years administered by the County Clerk's office. The appointment is paid on a per diem basis.

If you are considering becoming an election inspector or already are an election inspector, the following link will take you to a series of videos entitled “Election Day Management” which provide information on Election Day Introduction, Election Day Precinct Activities, Election Day Closing Procedures and Election Day Resources.  You may find them helpful in your decision to become an inspector, or for current inspectors, the videos can be a valuable tool  to help you become reacquainted with election day procedures and requirements prior to an election.

Use the following link for election results county wide for the current & past years.
Election Results for Livingston County

Meeting minutes are posted on the website once they are approved. Draft minutes are available upon request.

Providing residents with information regarding their voter registration status, upcoming elections, candidate info, sample ballot and proposals, election results, clerk information and how to use the voting equipment chosen by their county.
Michigan's Voter Information Center (MVIC)

Notary services are available at the Township Hall 9am-Noon & 1pm-5pm, M-F.


  • Public officer commissioned by Michigan Secretary of State
  • Prevents fraud by verifying identity of document signer
  • Appointed for  6-7 years
  • May perform notarial acts anywhere in the state
  • May be commissioned as a notary public in more than one state


  • A notary public is not authorized to practice law
  • A notary public may not give legal advice or prepare legal documents
  • A notary public may not charge a fee for preparation of immigration documents or represent someone in immigration matters


  • Verifying that the person in front of the notary is the person whose signature is on the record or is named in the record by identifying on the basis of a current license, identification card, or record issued by a federal or state government that contains the person’s photograph and signature.  All documents MUST be signed in the presence of the notary public


  • Certify or notarize that a record is an original or a true copy.
  • Give legal advice, explain legal documents or assist in completing legal or immigration forms
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